How Dropbox knows when you’re sharing copyrighted stuff (without actually looking at your stuff)


Late last night, a tweet was spread far and wide showing that a DMCA notice had blocked a file from being shared on a Dropbox user’s account.

What was going on? Was Dropbox suddenly doing something sketchy? Were they suddenly lurking around their users’ folders, digging for copyrighted material hiding amongst personal files?

Nope. The system is neither new, nor sketchy. It’s been in place for years.

You may have seen the original tweet fly around on the weekend. As is often the case, if you wait – rather than Chicken Little panic – someone comes up with a good explanation for the “offence”.

  • Joseph Blake

    So, the only thing I’m concerned about is…what if I have the right to share the file but the other person who got it blacklisted doesn’t? Or, what if the DMCA notice was fraudulent or incorrect?