Apple’s war on Samsung has Google in crossfire

New York Times:

Some features in Samsung devices that Apple objects to are part of Google’s Android operating system, by far the most popular mobile operating system worldwide, running on more than a billion devices made by many manufacturers. That means that if Apple wins, Google could have to make changes to critical Android features, and Samsung and other Android phone makers might have to modify the software on their phones.

Given the incredible complexity of bringing a new Android OS to market, and the glacial adoption rates, this could be crushing. But I suspect the change will either be delayed to death, or be solved in a cross-licensing or financial arrangement.

  • That’s the risk you take when you copy someone else’s work.

  • uliwitness

    Google in the “crossfire”? Given Google was the original target (back when Steve was still manning the rudder), I’d say they see it more as a bonus of the Samsung proceedings.

  • rattyuk

    Funny, when I read the original article on FlipBoard, it just washed over me as another Brian Chen anti-Apple hit piece before the court case.

    And what’s with all this other stuff?

    Yesterday on the NYT he had a puff piece no Lucy Koh herself….

    The man is obsessed I tell you, obsessed.