Accessibility as innovation

Steven Aquino:

So often, the tech commentariat — and a few of my Android-loving friends — disparage Apple for a perceived “lack” of innovation, arguing that Cupertino has failed to deliver to market anything truly innovative and revolutionary since introducing the original iPad in 2010.

The problem with exclusively tying innovation to hardware is that it misses, obviously, the innovation that can be made in terms of software. More specifically, I contend that an underrated aspect of Apple’s ability to innovate is the strides made by Apple’s Accessibility efforts, particularly on iOS.

What a great article.

  • Bhaskar

    There are many unnoticed things Apple does on their products. Recently I was scrolling through the calendar and it always stopped at month/year beginning for any speed swipe up/down. The thing here is, they make the product to enjoy for themselves first, and that is where we can see immaculate attention to detail. Most tech press simply ignore or have confirmation bias against Apple. Fortunately, Apple is still there for the good!