Facebook buys virtual reality company for $2 billion

Zuckerberg said Facebook was not interested in becoming a hardware company and did not intend to try to make a profit from sales of the devices over the long term. Instead, he said Facebook’s software and services would continue to serve as the company’s underlying business, potentially generating revenue on Oculus devices through everything from advertising to sales of virtual goods.

Personally, I find this purchase odd.

  • Marcus Mendes

    In other news, Google didn’t buy Oculus and their Google Glass team feels sad and lonely.

  • Moeskido

    Were the older technology companies this crazy about odd acquisitions?

    • DanPierce

      Microsoft bought Web TV.

      • Moeskido

        I was thinking more of companies like IBM and GE.

  • I makes a perverse kind of sense. They want social interaction to be visual as well through VR.

    Meanwhile, Sony just caught a big break and if they do things right will be able to blow the Oculus Rift out of the water due to lack of interest from gamers in the social toy.

    The comments about it at the Verge are classic, and hilarious – if it weren’t so sad.

    Who in their right mind would allow Facebook within a mile of their virtual reality?

  • 11thIndian

    it is an odd choice, but Facebook seems to be trying to divest itself of being a single product company- and that’s probably a smart move.

    It seems to me that some form of VR or HUD will be important going forward. How do we reconcile our devices getting smaller while wanting to do more and more with them? Untethering the screen from the device’s physical limitations, and putting it in front of our eyes is a interesting solution to the problem.