2048 – I’m really sorry

2048 is a lovely and addictive game, quite similar to the beautifully designed Threes by Asher Vollmer.

2048 is web based, and has consumed way too much of my time, so like the videotape in the movie The Ring, I know the only escape is for me to pass it on to you.

Again, I’m really sorry.

  • Yousonovabitchdave.

    • Edited for correctitude, but I’ll ask again, can you all put the by lines on the main page? 🙂

  • nmpraveen

    Why not let the AI play for you instead. Warning, Auto play is hypnotic: http://ov3y.github.io/2048-AI/

  • Stu Mark

    Thank goodness for my dyscalculia.

  • Anthony Visceglia

    I’ve resorted to the “press all arrow keys in rapid succession” strategy. So far, 512 is the highest result…

  • James Hughes

    No need. I clicked for a while and left after about 20 or so moves.

  • Kip Beatty

    I must thank you actually. This may break me of Threes finally.

  • Rob Howard

    I discovered this game last week… haven’t really achieved anything since.

  • iLollus

    The creator of 2048 is Gabriele Cirulli, he’s an italian nineteen genius.

  • Greg

    Also available for iOS.

    Edit: …for free.

    • nmpraveen

      That is a rip off and filled with ads. Just play using safari.