Tony Fadell, Nest founder, now with Google, interviewed by The Sunday Times

The interview is behind a paywall. You can read a few quotes shared by Loop reader Rob Richman on his blog.

  • Curmudgeon

    I was going to buy a Nest thermostat right after Christmas with the gift cards and gift money. Then they were “acquired”. Not wanting Google that deep in my home, I spent elsewhere. Google’s claim to keep their hands off the data is not credible. Look at the academic email claim and reality. I’ll wait for anyone else to get their act together and produce an easy-to-use app-controlled thermostat.

    • Domicinator

      Fadell might somehow actually believe that this transaction wasn’t all about acquiring user data and bringing him in to make Google hardware, but that’s truly all it was. Being a Nest owner at the time this all went down, I was deeply disappointed.

      User data is Google’s life blood. Without user data to drive ad revenue, they die. It’s the only reason for their existence. They hide it behind half baked products, mobile OS’s and Chromebooks, but anyone paying attention knows what their motivation is.

      The thing that makes me sickest to my stomach is not that Google does this. It’s that people don’t care. Society has become willing to give Google all their personal data in exchange for a cheap/free cell phone and GPS service. How far we’ve fallen.

      • “It’s that people don’t care.”

        Yes. I find this topic fascinating because it goes far beyond Google.

  • Money goggles, like beer goggles, smoothes out the rough spots. I’m wondering when will TF’s honeymoon period end.

    And I’m less interested in what Google does with Nest than who they’ll sell it to.