iPhone 5c outsold Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android flagship in Q4

This is surprising, given all the doom and gloom in the press.

  • abugida

    A more accurate comparison would be to former $99 iPhones. These have always accounted for about 25 % of iPhone sales in a given period. The iPhone 5C didn’t improve on the 4S last year, even though it has a unique selling point in its design while the 4S was just an old model sold for less. From that angle either the 5C’s design is not a success or the price is too high.

    Either way, Dilger’s piece is loopy as usual. Everybody knows that Blackberry and Windows Phone have minuscule marketshare, and that Android is making volume in the mid range and low end, not with its flagships. Apple owns the high end of the market. That’s not news. The big question remains what exactly the point of the 5C was.

    • Sam

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the true value of the iPhone 5c will be seen when the next generation of iPhone is released. At this point, I would expect the iPhone 5c to drop into the $0 subsidised product point, giving Apple a very competitive product at this price point.

      We could then see the 5s become the $99 model, and the new handset become the $199 model. This would mean that Apple has a world-wide LTE handset at it’s 3 major price points, something it has never had before.

    • Sigivald

      The point?

      To sell a pile of nicely profitable phones, I guess?

  • Sam

    It isn’t really that surprising. The majority of the tech media went the way of “bend the facts to fit our narrative” a long time ago.

    I think most of them are still bitter that they predicted a sub $300 unsubsidised iPhone and that never happened (because it was never going to happen). So to soothe their pain, they’re painting a picture where Apple not doing what they said they should do has been detrimental to their business.

    It’s a mess. One that has been around for a long time, and reminds me why I started my own tech blog in 2007. I wish I’d stayed with it, sometimes.

  • Lukas

    Combined or individually? First would be somewhat impressive, while the second would be expected, given that Apple makes very few devices and sells them for a full year, which is the opposite of what everybody else does.

  • Sigivald

    I normally wouldn’t kick someone that’s down, but … well, I’ve seen the BlackBerry Denial Field in action and I can’t help but noting that not only did the 5C outsell all the BlackBerry devices (no surprise!), but BlackBerry didn’t even make any of the lists.

    But I am assured that BlackBerry “is going to make a comeback and the next phone will be super popular!”

    This was funny the first time, but now it’s just kinda sad – like Amiga fans in the mid-late 90s.