Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel take an iPad app for an incredible ride

Last night’s Tonight Show was one for the ages. Jimmy Fallon introduced Billy Joel to a beatboxing iPad app called Loopy HD.

Watch the video. Magic.

  • rattyuk

    Nice shout out from Tim Cook, Dave!

  • Cookballed! (Cookdotted?) Congrats!


    And I am immediately downloading that app. I always wanted to be Reggie Watts.

  • collider

    Not a big fan of Billy Joel, but that was pretty great. I use Loopy all the time – fantastic for throwing down quick ideas when I’m not by my computer. Drag your stuff into Logic for fine tuning and you have a song… If you don’t have loopy get it! You should also get Audiobus so you can connect to your other music apps (including garage band). My favorites are Thumb Jam, Animoog, Figure and NodeBeat right now, but there are tons of others.

    • C.W. West

      you have to be kidding

  • rye

    Cook’s tweet brought me here. Nice!

  • alj_disc

    there is a very happy developper somewhere !

  • Rob

    This was made possible with an iOS compatible audio interface called the Apogee Quartet. It’s so great to see the iPad being used as a professional creative tool!

    • Alex

      That’s awesome, love Apogee products

  • I like Jimmy Fallon.


  • That’s fantastic!

  • Michael

    Well done both the app and the song!

  • SV650

    Good fun! Haven’t seen Billy Joel in a while, thanks for sharing!

  • Costa K

    Not on an Samsung. Not on a Nexus. Not on a Surface. On an iPad. Does anyone do anything creative on those other devices?

    Well done Apple.

  • Michael

    I got this for over a year and you can really do some quite nice songs with this app! Together with Audiobus you can interconnect different audio-apps like a reverb as the AD 480 and like this make really incredible pieces of music!

  • Hilarious! Kudos to Jimmy Fallon for doing an amazing job hosting the late-night show.

  • Youkyo Jang

    great collaboration! Good song and good feeling!

  • It is simply fantastic. I still cannot believe all the weird things that people can do with an iPad http://ipaderos.com/06/13/las-14-formas-mas-absurdas-y-estupidas-de-usar-un-ipad-wtf/