iBeacons used to nudge people in the nosebleed seats to upgrade

Some fans who bought nosebleed-seat tickets to see the Golden State Warriors received a friendly suggestion from their phones when they stepped off the escalators at Oracle Arena: Wouldn’t they like to spend a few extra bucks for a seat where they could actually distinguish Stephen Curry from Andrew Bogut?

I don’t see a downside to this. This is marketing, as opposed to service (as in, where is the nearest bathroom or cotton candy vendor?), but I see it as all part of the experience, and a marketing/advertising component helps pay for the iBeacon install.

Remember, if you don’t want to be bothered, spend some time in the Notification Center settings, or just turn off Bluetooth.

  • josh dyson

    As a fan, there have been times I’ve been at a game and would have definitely paid a little more to move up. I wonder if they’d be willing to discount the upgrade, since the seats went unsold.

    • Billy Razzle

      Exactly what I was wondering.

  • Joseph Blake

    “If you don’t want to be spammed, just turn off the feature completely”

    Given how useful the non-spammy stuff is, this is a bad thing. I haven’t personally messed with iBeacon, for this to happen do you need the Golden State Warriors’ app, or can an iBeacon push a notification to any iOS device that walks by, regardless of that iOS device’s relationship with the owner of the beacon?

  • Sounds annoying.