Time is ticking for Apple to announce an iWatch, say analysts


Apple needs an iWatch sooner rather than later, or the company will risk losing its innovative edge to rivals, analysts say.

“They only have 60 days left to either come up with something or they will disappear,” said Trip Chowdhry, managing director at Global Equities Research.

The single stupidest thing ever written about Apple. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you’ll know that’s saying something.

  • Neal McAuley

    It’s articles like this that make me miss the Angry Mac Bastards. They’d have fun with it.

    • Moeskido


  • Sebastian Paul

    That clown always says stuff that makes you wonder if he really believes that bullshit or if he’s doing it just for making headlines.

    Stela Bokun, who said (in 2011) that Windows Phone would beat Android by the end of 2013, said the most inane thing ever in the smartphone sector, but Chowdhry wins by demonstrating that he has no clue again and again.

  • dreyfus2

    At least the guy is aptly named. LSD is pretty much the only acceptable explanation for shit like that.

  • Inherent

    I decided to check this out for my own amusement, and it looks like they had an interview about the “iWatch” with Shaquille O’Neal… is that their new market analyst?? Really, what are these clowns spending their time doing over there.

  • Jim McPherson

    CNBC only has 60 days left to come up with some valuable insight, or they will disappear.

  • Jim McPherson

    Does absolutely nobody remember that Apple didn’t even invent the MP3 player, they just fixed it?

    • http://www.yourmaclifeshow.com/ Shawn King

      Everybody remembers. Not sure of the relevance of it to this post though.

      • Jim McPherson

        The implication is that somehow Apple has to time the market, and be first in (or near enough to not matter), to have an impact. And that’s not what Apple does.. they’ll disrupt a market no matter how mature it is, if they see a way to do it.

        • http://www.laugh-eat.com/ kyron


  • alj_disc

    If the Angry Mac Bastards are missed, there is still the Macalope. I’m sure he will take that one on.

    As for the single stupidest thing, I think there is almost daily contenders on Business Insider and Motley fools, even if that one is quite big.

  • Andy Orr

    I loved this following statement about Chowdhry – ” He nevertheless has an “overweight” rating on the stock, and an $800 price target.”

    Quite an interesting strategy for someone who believes that Apple is on the edge of the zombie apocolypse.

  • http://sumocat.blogspot.com Sumocat

    Apple was about a decade late to smartphones and tablets, and now they’re DOOMED!

  • Bretton Morgan

    Petulant fuc%&*g little children over there at CNBC. “Wah, I want my God Da#n iWatch now!” How can CNBC trash it if there is no iWatch yet? And it’s pointless for them to talk about Samsung, because nobody cares.

  • James Hughes

    I went there read the first sentence and shook my head and closed the browser tab. Enough already. It’s been decades now. Get over it. Apple is successful and they’ll be here for a long time. They’ll have hits and misses. They’ll revolutionize and they’ll make incremental updates and so on. But one thing is for sure, they’ll be around for a long long time to come. It’s funny, even when Apple was at it’s lowest I never really had any doubt of that.

  • Terry

    Notice how he wove time is running out into a story about a watch. Trip indeed!

  • http://www.kroesbergens.com Wes Kroesbergen

    Somebody is ‘Trip’ping.

  • http://www.johncblandii.com John C. Bland II

    Isn’t Chowdry the one that gets projections right less than 10% of the times?

    Didn’t they say this about a ton of features Apple needed in iOS due to palm, Google, etc having implemented it?

    Chowdry Chowder sounds like a great name for a follow-up blog. ;-)

  • lucascott

    Based on a possibly false assumption at Apple will ever release such a thing”

    Misses that Apple wasn’t first to many things but still succeed