Concept designs for Apple TV

I usually don’t link to concepts, but these ones for the Apple TV and remotes that go along with it are pretty good.

  • John V.

    Yeah great remote control designs. Because we don’t have iPhones or anything.


    • TechManMike

      Yea but the iPhone remote app leaves much to be desired, even though it’s still better than the one it comes with. How could you be against a better remote that comes with the device??? I can honestly say I’d love a better remote so that I wouldn’t have to use my iPhone.

      • John V.

        It’s sort of like this: I’m just as much against it, as I’m against the iPhone coming bundled with a keyboard case.

        The current Apple TV remote is highly sufficient for a bundled remote, and it does the job with just a few buttons, if you would need one.

        But those concepts include two remotes. One with a bunch of pointless additional buttons. What’s the goal here? Let’s take a beautiful, simple, working remote (the current remote), and ADD A BUNCH OF BUTTONS FOR NO REASON. Great design!

        And the other remote, which is basically an iPod Nano, which is basically like a tiny crippled iPhone.

        An Apple TV costs $99. An iPod Nano starts at $149.

        So what can we remove from the iPod Nano to make a cheaper remote? Let’s say we ship with just 4GB flash for OS and caches, and remove the audio system. How much do we save? I’ll be generous, let’s cut the price in half: $75.

        So you just increased the cost of Apple TV by 75% just to have this stupid remote included, when you have a better version of it in your pocket already!

      • Sigivald

        1) That “remote” there is basically “a very specialized iPod Touch” with a full touchscreen, etc. (Or, as John V. says, a Very Different Nano.)

        I don’t think that would be $99 by itself, let alone with an AppleTV.

        And the price point matters, a lot.

        2) Given iOS’s penetration, simply improving the existing Remote app seems a far better idea.

        3) For non-iOs users who balk – reasonably – at a $230 iPod Touch or a used device for a remote, the existing remote is Good Enough.

        On another matter, the designs for the ATV itself aren’t great; who wants chrome on a HT box? The existing flat black nicely fades to nothing in a cabinet; HT boxes are to be used, not seen.

        • Sigivald

          (This highlights the problem with “concepts” from random “designers”.

          Too many are focused on What Might Look Awesome To Design, rather than real-world concerns of cost and end-use.)

        • agreed. what they did here was take the 5s and make some mockups. but…why? phones are arguably a personal extension of ourselves. cable boxes? not so much.

  • Some beautiful concepts.

    I don’t think making the AppleTV into three SKUs is great, but it is an interesting concept.

    The wireless charging for the remote is interesting, but not very practical. How many people keep a TV remote over by the TV.

    • Sigivald

      I keep my remote by my TV, because it’s a Harmony and charges in its cradle…

  • Martin Z

    Personally, I don’t need a controller to play free to play crap on my TV.

  • evilapa

    He has great skills, but poor imagination. He’s taken the iPhone 5s colors and chamfers and applied them to the current Apple TV. And why a screen on the remote when we’re in front of a TELEVISION and already have iPhones? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Come on people, it’s awesome! I didn’t think about the remote being touch screen and iOS-style. I would buy that in a second.

    • so you cant use it in the dark w/o looking at it or partially under a blanket. this is an improvement why?

      • It can make navigating content so much easier than clicking the remote to enter text, etc.

        It’s like the Remote app as a remote.

  • Guest

    Why shrink it, in what scenario was it too big already? Any loosing the SPIDF? Not cool. Ethernet maybe but the discreet sound out is very useful; perhaps shrink it to the type that Apple uses on the computers that looks like a plain headphone jack but has optical as well.

    • Sigivald

      The form factor change is fine if we want to keep the optical out.

      But I think you underestimate how often HDMI Audio is the thing people actually use for their sound output anyway; my entire HT stack (which is mostly several years old!) uses HDMI audio for all the major stuff (and would for everything except it’s so old it doesn’t have enough HDMI ports).

      SPIDF isn’t even a feature for a lot of consumers – probably almost all of them in this market.

  • As much as I like the idea of a touchscreen remote, I find the current AppleTV remote to be the most comfortable and practical remote in my house. And I had 4th (3rd?) gen iPod (the touch buttons) and that was the most frustrating device I’ve ever owned.

    Maybe someday we’ll be able to get a touch screen remote that requires a firmer push to activate and has a textured screen. Until then, I think the current AppleTV remote is about as good as it gets.

  • Jeff V

    That noise you hear is the Samsung copying machines running over time. T-minus 23 days until we see something “original” come out from Samsung that just happens to look similar

  • Joerg Doe

    No fingerprint sensor for family member accounts? No cam for FaceTime? And shouldn’t the Apple TV also work as a front end for the iPhone like that car stuff anyway?

    • Sigivald

      AppleTV already does the latter, with AirPlay mirroring.

      (I am going to assume the rest is well-aimed mockery of conceptitis.)

    • facetime via ATV would likely suck — tv stands are only a couple feet off the ground, and theyre 7+ feet away from the viewers. so you wouldnt even get to see their faces…

  • marcintosh

    It looks great and the touchscreen remote is very nice. But the internet is all about nitpicking so… Not sure why he went with an IR remote. And would they really make aluminum cases in different colors? That and the touchscreen remote would make it far too expensive compared to other options (Roku).

  • Wooloomooloo

    I like the idea of swiping through apps on the remote, that looks cool. I don’t like how all concepts seem to have sweeping curved glass with huge reflections…

  • Anthony Visceglia

    Why a USB port instead of Lightning? Although honestly, if he’s advocating for the removal of an Ethernet port, I’d sooner see a Thunderbolt port with support for the Ethernet adapter. Also, why design an expensive remote when you can simply develop a universal iOS app?

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Hell no! I don’t want touch screen on my remote! This is one of the huge pluses of the AppleTV remote! I want to be able to control the TV while I’m laying down and relaxing. One of the huge negatives of Chromcast is it’s requirement to be controlled by a touchscreen phone.

  • Billy Razzle

    Nice looking mock ups, but nothing like Apple will do.

  • Moeskido

    Cute, but derivative thinking. I’d expect to see stuff like this in a near-future science fiction movie, but not from Apple.