Dear App Store game developers, knock it off with the useless push notifications

Well said, Mike. I feel exactly the same. I know I can turn these notifications off, but that’s an extra step I have to take and an annoyance.

One solution might be to add a bit of fine tuning to the Notification Center, a way to say, “I don’t want any notifications from apps that are purely to get me to come back, or marketing related.”

  • Nicholas Chan

    Or make it super easy to turn off notifications:

  • rreay

    I allowed push notifications from a game just once, for the first game that asked. The article is dead on, it proved to be just ads and bullshit come back to play begging and I’ve never done it again.

    Way to ruin it for everyone guys.

  • David Cohen

    I am pretty sure that I reject all requests for notifications from apps such as these – and yet I still get them. I reckon some developers have figured out workarounds to make these happen, which makes them even more egregious.

  • Larry Davis

    I thought this was against the rules, actually. Even though I see it all the time.

  • Sigivald

    It sure is annoying.

    Maybe even worse, some apps almost do it right.

    For instance, Scrabble uses one to tell me when someone else has played a move in a game, or started one with me. This is right and proper and good.

    The problem is it also, about one a day or two, sends me one saying “Hey, if you want a game and nobody’s played a move in yours you can start a game against a random opponent”.

    Which stops being informative after the first time and is then just useless noise that disappoints me by not being a real notification and makes me hate EA every time it happens.

    Making me hate your company is not how you should operate, guys.