Apple’s former marketing chief on working with Steve Jobs, seminal product launches

Allison Johnson was the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Communications at Apple from 2005-2011. She was one of a select few who reported directly to Steve Jobs and was responsible for memorable ad campaigns like “Mac vs. PC” and “There’s an app for that”.

More importantly, Johnson helped develop a launch culture at Apple that saw lines around the block for products like the iPhone and iPad.

From the Vimeo page:

In this interview with Behance’s Scott Belsky, Johnson shares stories from her time at Apple, emphasizes authenticity in business, and reveals how we can find a balance between launching a polished product (like Apple) versus shipping fast for feedback (like Google).

This video gives an excellent sense of what it was like working with Steve Jobs and being at the center of the Apple universe during some particularly notable times, but it is more about marketing craft than it is about reminiscing.

Lots to learn. Great to watch. [Via CultOfMac]