Idaho hockey fans suing arena over beer prices


A handful of Idaho hockey fans sued a Boise arena on Tuesday, saying they were duped into thinking a $7 beer contains more brew than a $4 beer.

Don’t mess with hockey fans and their beer.

  • Steven Fisher

    Oh man. I read this yesterday but didn’t think to tip you guys off. I should have.

    There’s a few funny bits in this story, not the least of which being that they’ve ordered 24oz cups to be “large.” So a “regular” at 20oz will be $4, and a “large” at 24oz will be $7. And that’s supposed to be better.

    For the mathematically challenged, I’d suggest getting two “regular” cups instead.

    • unixandthings

      Actually, they say they are replacing the 20 oz. size with the 24 oz. size, so they will have 16 oz. and 24 oz. sizes. So now you will get 50% more product for 75% more money. People may buy the larger size if the arena limits the number of beers you can buy, but not the quantity of beer you can buy in total or in a single purchase.

      • Steven Fisher

        Well, except that the “regular” is 20oz at the moment. Or are they going to drop it to 16oz?

  • unixandthings

    Even if the original sizes were as intended (16 oz./20 oz.), don’t you have to have a brain injury to pay 75% more for 25% more product?