How to control your iPhone using head gestures

Apparently, this feature has been available since iOS 7.0 (thanks for setting me straight, commenters), but still, good to know about.

Open Settings and go to:

General > Accessibility > Switch Control

Tap Switches to add a new switch. Use a source of Camera, then Left Head Movement and a System setting of Siri. In other words, I want the camera to watch me and when I shake my head to the left, I want the system to bring up Siri.

Now tap back and tap Switch Control to On.

You should see some blue rectangles scanning each item on the screen. Shake your head to the left. Siri should come up.

It might take a bit to get this to work for you, but it is fun to play with and a real boon to people with motor difficulties.

Tap Switch Control to turn it back off. I imagine there’s a bit of a battery suck if you leave it on all the time. I’m interested in your experiences with this.

[Via Business Insider]

  • Seph

    This feature was already present in 7.0. Please do your research.

    • A more pleasant post would have stopped after the first sentence.

      • James Hughes

        Yeah I agree. But sometimes words can convey an unintended rudeness too. It’s possible that Seph meant no disrespect. Seph?

        • John N-F

          is that you Sheldon?

    • Stu Mark

      Are you Seph Soliman, noted perfectionist?

    • Dave Mark

      Thanks, Seph. You are right, I missed that. And thanks to you other folks for the backup. I love this. Probably the programmer in me. Was it always this programmable?

  • Hehe. Ready to see those Glass jokes repurposed here. 😀

    • Show me a quadriplegic driving and I’ll give you that. 🙂

  • Adam L

    this seems like a gimmick feature, similar to the samsung features you make fun of.

    • Unless, for example, you’re a paraplegic. Then it’s a first class feature, not a gimmick.

      See Tim Cook’s statement on not everything being done for ROI.

      • Adam L

        I’m not saying apple shouldn’t have released it. I just think it’s a similar feature to the ones Jim makes fun of Samsung for – like auto scroll with your eyes.

        • NoFoam

          But, auto scroll with your eyes has been a disaster. Samsung didn’t really think it out too well as in a lot of things Samsung does.

    • Clitoritzin

      Well, the thing here is that Apple is not selling it as an iPhone’s ‘killer feature’, is just another accessibility tool for people with disabilities (in fact, is not selling it at all). Therefore is not a gimmick

  • This has been available since iOS 7.0

  • I need to turn this back on to see if I can get it to skip songs when my brother starts head banging to Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • Moeskido


  • Jason

    Also works if you just flick the phone a bit with your hand. Way better than headbanging trying to get to the homepage.