The moment when you realize they know the words

There is a moment in this video, a very emotional and poignant moment, when this singer becomes aware that the audience knows the words to her song. It’s a subtle thing, almost like a loss of innocence. I found it beautiful and rare.

  • …then I fahted.

  • SV650

    Pretty cool – You can be in a space where you really don’t realize you have a fan base or following, and suddenly, BOOM!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • That was very sweet. And she has a great voice.

  • Stephen Washburn

    I love this song and have been meaning to buy the album its a part of. This was an awesome find. I was watching intently to make sure I didn’t miss the moment… it was a little less subtle than I expected 😉

  • MichaelQ


    I like how she bounced back and gave it twice as much because now she’s “made it”.

    Also –

  • Thank you for introducing me to this. What a beautiful singer with an infectious love for her art.

  • Really sweet!

  • bobledrew

    That’s a song worth knowing the words to. Like it.

  • Guy Gascoigne-Piggford

    Love them – heard this song a while ago, bought the album and loved that too. This video is so cute, as you say it’s wonderful to see their sudden realilzation 🙂