Google Doodle celebrates International Women’s Day

Fair is fair. We took Google to task for the imbalance in their daily Google Doodles, which leaned heavily in one direction.

Today is International Women’s Day and Google did a nice job recognizing it. Follow that last link and don’t forget to click the play button.

Well done, Google.

  • Dotun

    Now, this shows how unfair Google can really be. Have they ever done such a wonderful doodle for males? No. They were accused of being unfair to females, and they then went overboard to right that “wrong”. Shouldn’t there be a balance in everything we do? And talking about fairness/balance, is there even an International Men’s Day?

  • JDSoCal

    Well done? These left wing data-peddlers ignore important things like Veterans Day. F Google!

    The people who work for The Loop should put on a dress.