Daylight saving time tonight

For those who are subjugated to this madness, don’t forget to move your clocks ahead one hour (from 2a to 3a, for example) tonight.

You can read about daylight saving time here.

  • JMA

    Only if you live in North America. Here in the EU DST begins last Sunday in March. In many other countries DST is not used.

    • Dave Mark

      Interesting. I knew that DST was adopted by only a small number of countries, but did not realize that it kicked in on different times for each. Makes sense.

    • JohnDoey

      Yes, it is a crazy US invention that costs billions of dollars and results in absolutely no benefit.

  • johndhynes

    Why not just start and end work earlier in the summer? We didn’t have DST when I grew up, so all our TV shows would shift an hour when the rest of the country switched back and forth. Now I can never remember what time it is where my family lives, because time moves for me but stays still for them, except my sister who lives in Oz, where the relative time shifts TWO hours, but only when she’s in Sydney, not when she’s in Perth. And why on earth can’t we coordinate with Europe, and switch to DST at the same time? It’s hard enough to schedule business across the Atlantic, without throwing everything off several weeks out of the year, and for some reason they had to go and add more weeks recently.

  • MichaelQ