AT&T reduces price for individual and two-line accounts by $15

AT&T on Sunday will reduce the price of their 2 GB “Mobile Share Value” plan from $80 to $65 per month, with one smartphone and no annual contract. Two smartphones cost $90, down from $105.

The 2 GB plan includes unlimited talk and text, 50 GB of cloud storage using AT&T’s Locker service, and unlimited international messaging. AT&T (coverage map here) is directing customers who need more than two lines to its 10 GB Mobile Share Value plan, which starts at $145 for three phones.

AT&T already had a price edge over competitor Verizon, whose 2 GB More Everything plan costs $90 for one phone and $130 for two (unless you participate in Verizon’s “Edge” upgrade program, which makes you eligible for discounts). The news comes on the heels of T-Mobile’s recent improvements to its Simple Choice plan, which keeps prices pretty much where they are but increases data allowances. Sprint’s pushing their Framily Plan, which scales its savings depending on how many people sign up with you – at two lines, it’s $100 a month, with 1 GB of data for each phone.

A smartphone pricing move that benefits the consumer. Huzzah! Wonder if this will happen automatically or if I’m going to have to make a call to customer service (shudder) to get that discount.

  • Moeskido

    Nice to see competition isn’t entirely dead within this sector.

  • Robin

    They’re feeling the heat from T-Mobile. Good.

  • G

    I have always had really good customer service from AT&T. Did I just say that?

    • JohnDoey

      You are by far the exception.

      I have had AT&T tell me the problem was with my iPhone, and then I called Apple and they told me they would call me back, then Apple called AT&T and made AT&T fix the problem.

      I’m about to switch my iPhone over to T-Mobile instead of getting a new iPhone (because I use my iPad more) and my bill will change from $85 per month to $30 per month, and my data will go from 3GB to 5GB, my text will go from none to unlimited, and my voice minutes will go from 450 (that I don’t use) to 100 (that I still won’t use.)

  • Dave

    Still doesn’t beat $45 unlimited everything from Straight Talk.

  • AdmiralX

    Of course you have to call. You think they’re actually going to LOWER your bill voluntarily? lol

  • alj_disc

    Still quite a way to go. A similar plan, but with 20GB and unlimited international calls to many countries is 20€/month here