Dear BlackBerry CEO: Fuck off

Not skipping a beat, Chen was quick to throw a few jabs in Apple’s direction, answering that iPhone users are constantly searching for power outlets because battery life on the iPhone can’t even last a full day.

“I call you guys wall huggers”, Chen remarked in jest.

You make shit and can barely give your devices away.

  • Jeff Zugale

    I don’t know who he’s talking about, my 5s gets 2 full days consistently.

    • oghowie

      You must not use it at all. My 5S gets 1 day easily if I’m not on it much, but no way it would last 2 days unless I don’t use it.

      • Timothy Fultz

        The last few charge cycles on my 5s netted me between 30 and 36 hours off the charger.

  • gorskiegangsta

    A. Don’t know what data he’s going by, but non-defective iPhones (read: vast majority of them) last more than a day. B. At least iPhones offer usability when charged. Blackberries offer none, whether they’re charged or not.

  • Gandhi

    I just charge my iPhone at the end of the day every day. This is after a day full of heavy LTE use

    May be Blackberry users get a longer battery life because then don’t use them as much.

  • Brian Kieffer

    He’s got a good point. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Z10 owner charging their phone. Of course, I’ve never seen a Z10 owner USING their phone either. Have they sold one yet?

  • I usually charge my iPhone overnight. Unless I forget. Then i need to be a bit careful to get it through the second day without charging.

  • My tweet on the matter: “Drain circler.” —wall hugger (

  • Ron Carlson

    don’t feed trolls

  • omitwords

    Oh, Blackberry guy. It’s not the the iPhone’s batteries are bad. It’s that we actually use the thing.

  • Moeskido

    If only he was this creative with his products.

  • Lukas

    This would be funnier if he wasn’t right. Why can’t Apple make their damn phones one or two mms wider, and give us a battery that lasts a full day?

    • Mine does. What are you doing with yours? Per the specs you only get what, 10 hours of active lte use?

  • GTWilson

    Mr Chen, calling plays from the Steve Ballmer playbook might not be the wisest thing for a man in your unfortunate position.

  • evilapa

    Well, it’s because we have apps. My 5 can go several days with only texting and calling, too.

  • He also says he loves physical keyboards, and most of their phones in the future will have one?

    Back to the future!

  • JohnDoey

    Please, somebody put Blackberry out of our misery. They used to be a great company and great brand. It is tragic to watch what they have become.

    iPhone 5S and Blackberry Z10 both offer 10 hours of 3G talk time on a single charge. iPhone also does 10,000 other things. No surprise if an iPhone user runs their batteries down faster.

  • dvdphn

    Focus on your own phones Blackberry. My (only) hardcore Blackberry fanboy friend got his Z10 in March 2013, complained about battery problems in April, and it officially died in October.

    Whenever he visited, first thing he did was plug in his phone. Mind you, he used his phone all the time, so it’s understandable why he’s always running low on battery life.

    While I’m still rocking my 2010 iPhone 4, lasts me a day with data on, but more than 2 days with it off.