Whip It

You have to watch it now.

  • GG

    No one gets away until they whip it.

  • Richard A

    RIP Bob Casale (The fellow playing the red keyboard.)

  • dan

    so freaky when it first came out among all the other videos.

  • puppethead

    This video from 1944 supposedly inspired Devo’s video. Sure seems likely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cmkbG16wlE

  • Moeskido

    Jesse Thorn did a great interview with Casale and Mothersbaugh in 2010. They told some great stories about the founding of the band.


  • http://www.bluemonkeysfrommarz.com/ BlueMonkeysFromMarz.com

    It’s been a real 80s blast for me this week and now this! Thanks!

  • http://www.theuniversalsteve.com SSteve

    I remember watching MTV in the hopes that this video would come on. Remember when MTV showed music videos? 120 Minutes was the highlight of the week.