Video of iBeacons at work

Today at Dx3, Canada’s largest digital marketing, advertising and retail event here in Toronto, I got a look at the iPhone and iBeacon-powered future of shopping courtesy of a few companies about to launch a number of innovative mobile solutions for retailers. The show floor consisted of a full-size concept store powered by iBeacon technology and mobile retail app platform ThirdShelf as well as some interesting new products that could soon completely revolutionize the way we shop using our mobile devices.

To really get a sense of how iBeacon technology works, take a look at the video below. Lots of good ideas, though your experience may be totally different, as different as the app built by a particular venue. Obviously, a stadium will offer an experience completely different from that of a luxury goods store.

I love the iPad display that recognized the shopper and brought up a custom welcome message (about 2:20 in the video). Clearly, the store has to think about security concerns (revealing a shopper’s identity just from their strolling by) and data locking (what to do if two shoppers are at the same kiosk). I’m confident these things will work themselves out over time.

Great to see this tech in the wild.