Mercedes plans aftermartket CarPlay installations

Mercedes told us its “goal is to offer an after market solution by the end of the year.”

Great news.

  • Ralph Kruse

    This looks terrible

    • what looks terrible? id gather the aftermarket solution will vary depending on the vehicle. if your vehicle has an in-dash touchscreen display, great.

  • dreyfus2

    Hope BMW will follow. Have a nice 10.2 display in the dash, iDrive controller and my version is already using QNX underneath, so an update should be technically feasible. Talking and hands-free operation already work fine (email and web work, too, but I really don’t use that in the car), automatically having playlists and stuff available without manually uploading it to the car’s storage would be a definite plus though.

  • autocorrect

    typo: aftermarTket