Cosmos rebooted with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ars Technica:

I’m not shocked that the middle-aged me didn’t learn anything new in the first episode, at least not in terms of science. But the people involved in the show include some of the best in the business of communicating science, and I expect I will learn enough about the craft to make tuning in for more worthwhile.

I never saw the original Carl Sagan version (it wasn’t available to us in Canada when I was a kid) and the relentless promotion of it makes me squirm a little but I’ll certainly tune in to at least the first episode. How about you? Did you see the original? Will you watch this version?

  • Gedeon Maheux

    I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year. Big shoes to fill (the original inspired a generation) but if anyone can do it, McFarlane and Tyson can. My post on it –

  • Brandon

    The original Cosmos has stood the test of time. Carl Sagan’s wonderful narrative and way of making complex topics easy to understand will never diminish. The original is still a wonderful and thought provoking series by today’s standards. If you have not seen it, do.

    Remaking Cosmos with current knowledge is a lofty goal. The stage is set with an outstanding cast, the only question is if the charisma that made the original grand can be revived with our beloved Carl.

  • Tyson is perfect for the job, and the subject is long overdue to be updated considering how much we’ve learned since them. I saw the original, and though BHA could be a bit of a egotistical dweeb, he knew his stuff. And how to communicate it.

  • Moeskido

    I loved the original when it was new, and still do, with or without the enhancements added for its rerelease. Sagan described science with poetry and made it matter more.

    I’m a bit leery of this new version despite Tyson’s involvement, but I’ll watch it.

    • Two of the original creators are involved with the new project, so I suspect that will go a long way to making the new show as fully packed of info as the original. Tyson definitely has the exuberance necessary to deliver.

      I’m interested in two things: 1) What updates will be added and 2) what about the music? The music choices in the original were amazing and appropriately spacey yet classic at the time. The album is a who’s who of electronica. (Vangelis, Larry Fast, Toru Takemitsu) I wonder what direction they’ll take this time?

      • Moeskido

        I’m assuming the update will keep in mind the degrees of success and failure that shows like Nova have experienced when trying to explain complex subjects like quantum theory.

        I’m hoping the music selection retains the finesse of the original, if not the period style.

  • joshua l smith

    I watched the originals as a teen in the 90s and they helped to dramatically shape my ability to analyze the world we live in.

  • Yehat

    ” (it wasn’t available to us in Canada when I was a kid)” – just wondering – how come? It was even broadcasted over the “Iron Curtain” back then, thankfully.

    • Not sure of the exact timing but we may not have been getting PBS at the time or we may not have had a TV.