Yahoo to stop user access of services with Facebook, Google IDs

Another wall goes up.

  • I suspect this has more to do with cutting off any potential business intelligence FB or Google could gleam from their IDs being used then creating “another wall.”

    Using one login as compared to rolling your own is irrelevant, but since it has to ping that other service for every page request, that service can get a good bit of information on how people are using your site. An intelligent analyst could figure out how to use that data to their advantage and there are certainly intelligent people at Facebook, Google and Yahoo.

  • SV650

    The use of Keychain, 1Password and the like has made the barrier of passwords non-existent to the legitimate user. There is really no need for one ubiquitous password. I, for one, have no issues with managing separate passwords for each of the services I use, and have particular distaste when Facebook wants to post every web location I visit.

    I don’t consider myself a privacy freak, but there is a line….

  • My gut reaction was shock and a sender of fail until I thought about it. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc require a user account. For Yahoo to compete, this just makes sense.

  • Sigivald

    I already have a Yahoo ID to use Yahoo Groups.

    That said, I continue to not give a flying goddamn about any other Yahoo Service, and this is not changing that.

    That’s Yahoo’s real problem.

  • GG

    Can Yahoo stop logging me out every two weeks while they’re at it? Who does that anymore?