Apple’s iPad is targeted in new patent troll lawsuit

A patent troll by the name of Penovia LLC has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit claims that Apple’s iPad infringes their acquired patent that’s about a maintenance technique that monitors office machine status without personal attention. This is the typical type of case that the Federal Trade Commission is now studying to find ways to assist tech companies from having to waste their time fighting such suits.

When I see the phrase “acquired patent”, I see red. In my opinion, this type of lawsuit is destructive and serves simply to line someone’s pockets. This needs to be fixed.

  • Bretton Morgan

    Corporate lawyers, tha bane of society since the 1930’s!

  • 🙂 I can only wonder if you feel the same about Rockstar.

  • Just to clarify: people buying and selling legitimate patents can be a good thing. What if you like to invent new things, but aren’t interested in production and manufacturing? Should you be told: too bad? Let’s focus on the real problems: terribly low-quality patents, and the government allowing them to be granted and then making it very hard to beat even obviously bad patents. Above all, blame the U.S. Congress. I think the Patent Office would do a lot better job if they were funded properly. Currently, they get their funding by giving patents. It is basically a system where the applicant buys a patent, when you consider that the patent examiners have way too much work to do, and not enough resources.