RadioShack to close 1,100 stores

To me, this is a tragedy. I love RadioShack, grew up building projects using parts I got from their back shelves. Somewhere, they made a wrong turn, trying to compete with the likes of Best Buy and phone retailers.

If I was the CEO, I’d rethink the plan and find a way to become the supplier of choice to the Maker movement. Over time, RadioShock has taken shelf space away from items useful for Makers (like resistors, capacitors, quality soldering kits, and packaged projects) to sell toys and consumer electronics.

Somehow, the RadioShack I grew up with lost its soul. Sad.

  • Joseph Blake

    They are actually increasing the amount of “maker” stuff that they carry. I don’t think that’s a viable business for 4,000 stores (the number they’ll have after this reduction), though.

  • ecook

    They were lead astray by their success in the cell phone industry of the 90s and early 2000s. At one point, they were the largest cell phone retailer in the country – I think this success was interpreted as a harbinger of Radioshack’s consumer retail future.

    I worked at Radioshack over a decade ago, and remember vividly that RS provided itself in its “convenience” as being a competitive advantage. This, of course, can be paralleled to Blockbuster’s reliance on b&m locations as cornerstone to their success.