Top executives Bates and Reller to leave Microsoft

Two direct reports to new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella — EVP of business development and evangelism Tony Bates and EVP of marketing Tami Reller — are leaving the company, according to numerous sources close to the situation.

The shakeup begins. Standard stuff when a new CEO takes over, more a question of who will stay and who will go. Bates came to Microsoft when it bought Skype. Reller worked for the Windows unit, as both CMO and CFO.

  • Moeskido

    It’s rare to find a company of Microsoft’s size that isn’t top-heavy with redundant management. I’m looking forward to hearing about more departures of expensive suits.

  • satcomer

    Seems to me you were right Dave. New manager and he wNts things done a certain way, so out with the old and bring in new people in the fold.