Apple’s CarPlay promo video

From Volvo integration of CarPlay announced this morning.

  • netgem21

    Pretty sure that’s Volvo’s CarPlay promo video.

    • A better title would be: “Volvo’s promo video of Apple CarPlay”

  • Odi Kosmatos

    The iPhone is the source of this new car experience. Lends credence to those espousing the idea that the iPhone would be the source of any “TV SET” experience Apple is working on.

  • Mani Ghasemlou

    I like Volvo’s shout out to local Swedish talent In Flames. Jim I’m surprised you didn’t notice that.

  • My memory is very fuzzy, but I remember hearing way back in the early 2000’s that Bill Gates claimed the future in technology would be phones, TV, and in-car. Does anybody remember hearing that? I still can’t find the source.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    My next car will be an American Tesla. I hope they start integrating this into their cars.

    • dumb

      Tesla already has android in their dashboard. so the answer would be no.

      • It sounds like Tesla wanted to bring Chrome Browser and an Android Emulator to the Model S. Based on that, it sounds like the media and dashboard system isn’t actually built on Android.

  • Looks smooth as butter!

    I’m reallllly pleased to see they opened it up to other apps. That’s a shocker but a great move. It seems more Apple TV than App Store but steps. 🙂