Apple Senior VP and CFO Peter Oppenheimer joins Goldman Sachs Board of Directors

Oppenheimer will stay at Apple. His official Apple bio page is still up, though they have not added his new role. From his Goldman Sachs bio page:

Through his positions as CFO and Controller at Apple and Divisional CFO at ADP, Mr. Oppenheimer has significant experience in the preparation and review of financial statements as well as capital and risk management. He also brings to our Board experience in the oversight of technology and technology risks, which he has developed in connection with, among other things, his oversight of information systems at Apple. Through his service on the boards of directors of not-for profit entities and as CFO at Apple, Mr. Oppenheimer has developed experience in corporate governance and leadership.

Note that both the Apple bio page and the Goldman Sachs page list Oppenheimer’s Apple position as (2004-present).

  • Moeskido

    Perhaps Oppenheimer can also provide a voice of reason the next time Goldman’s CEO gets a hankering to cripple our economy.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    This made me shiver momentarily.

  • Terry

    Just great. Sharks just love to live together. Goldman should have been forced out of business after causing the economy to melt like a 10¢ fuse.

    Goldman will cripple the economy again. They act the same as they did before the crisis.

    bad move. epic fail.

  • Guessing here, but perhaps this signals PO’s retirement. There was a third voice on Apple’s most recent earnings call who hasn’t been included in previous calls. I need to listen again to figure out who that was, but he could be PO’s replacement.