The real story of the Sochi wolf hoax

A member of the US Olympic luge team posted a video showing an apparent wolf roaming the hallways of one of the Olympic Village dorms. Watch the video below for the real story.

  • And Jimmy Kimmel’s long running experiment on the gullibility of the public and uselessness of the news carries on…

  • Not a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel — I don’t think he’s that funny onscreen — but his manipulation of viral videos is going to make him a legend.

  • Likelike

    Like, like…. LIKE liKe.. like

  • Not a huge fan of Kimmel, but if it makes news outlets get back to checking the source on these kind of things more, I’m all for it.

  • SockRolid

    Perfect. I guess Kimmel is actually good at something after all.