Why did Jimmy Fallon’s MacBook Pro lose its Apple?

The MacBook Pro on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night desk was like a cast member, a regular. Apple was always a part of the show and was listed as a sponsor in the credits. Something has changed.

When Jimmy made the move to the Tonight Show from Late Night, he took his MacBook Pro with him, but not the Apple logo. NBC went out of their way to cover the logo with a skin. Apple is also no longer listed as a sponsor in the credits. What gives?

My guess (and totally a seat of the pants guess, at that) is that The Tonight Show asked Apple to back the cash truck up to the stage door if they wanted to keep the logo on Jimmy’s desk. If so, that’s too bad. Everyone knows it’s a Mac. It just looks a little goofy. Do something about this, willya Jimmy?

  • basix_mike


    • Dave Mark

      Oops! Forgot the link. Fixed. Thanks for the nudge.

  • Vicious Cur

    Comcast now owns NBC. Why should Comcast fear Apple?

    Oh, yeah. Never mind.

  • Moeskido

    At least one MacBook user on The Big Bang Theory has his logo covered, too. I wonder how many other tv series do this.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    The Tonight Show has destroyed another career. After watching the first two shows, I can tell once again that the NBC executives told them to make it more ‘middle american, conservative’ friendly. I also hate the new large studio just like I hated Conans new large studio. The small studios are so much better for these shows.

    RIP Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, maybe Seth Meyers will learn not to sell out when it’s his turn to goto the Tonight Show.

  • Lukas

    You’re seriously asking for more product placement on TV? And you want one huge multinational corporation to provide it to another huge multinational corporation for free, because you personally like the second huge multinational corporation? Americans…

    • Matt

      Yes why not? Who cares? Its so stupid to cover up logos. People know what they are anyway.

  • Tvaddic

    Advertisers would be mad that Apple got free publicity and try to haggle for reduced ad rates. Something problematic for a new show during premiere week. This is mostly principle.

  • Apple wasn’t a “sponsor” of the show. They were listed as someone giving “promotional considerations” i.e., product. Apple DOES NOT pay companies to put their products on the air.

    With the new show, NBC asked Apple to pay. Apple said no so NBC covered the logo. No big mystery.

    And I thought the Mac Community was over the days of being obsessed with who used what device and tying self worth to whether or not some celebrity used an Apple product. I guess not.

  • HowmaNoid

    You pays to play.


    As of episode 113, Jimmy’s Apple logo is back. Good episode too! Credits listed promotional consideration by Apple.