Tesla CEO confirms talks with Apple

Tesla CEO Elon Musk today confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg that his company “had conversations” with Apple. Musk went on to say that he could not comment on whether the conversations had revolved around any kind of acquisition, but he did confirm that at the current time, an acquisition of Tesla seems “very unlikely.”

The fact the two companies talked means nothing—they could have been talking about iOS integration instead of an acquisition. However, if Apple were going to get into the car business, Tesla would be the perfect partner. They are cool, environmentally friendly, and they care about design and the user.

  • JohnDoey

    Both companies are tied to battery technology and have an interest in driving it forward. Both create their own factory automation in order to build things that couldn’t be built otherwise, or which couldn’t be built for mass consumption otherwise. A Tesla car is very much a computer with wheels. And both companies are headquartered in California.

    One interesting thing is to think of how Tesla’s sales would go up if there was an Apple logo on the hood, iOS running in the car, and cars in the Apple Stores.

    • Sam

      I can’t get my head around the idea of a car with an Apple logo on the hood.

      • matthewmaurice

        How often has the analogy of Apple as the Mercedes Benz/BMW of PCs been made? The idea of making Tesla the Macintosh/iPhone of cars is a no-brainer.

        It wouldn’t take much of Apple’s $150 billion in cash to take over the rest of the old NUMMI factory in Fremont and I’m sure Angela Arhenents could easily design a Tesla Store that would move a lot of the increased production.

        • Sam

          I understand the analogy. I understand what Apple could bring to this partnership. I also see what Tesla would bring to Apple, in the form of battery techs, etc.

          It’s just in my head, Apple logos are on small devices (relatively). To see one on a car would be interesting. Also,would it glow? 😉

  • Moeskido

    Partnership, not acquisition.

  • DanielSw

    We got a test drive at the Tampa dealership.

    Very impressive for a “second iteration” of an electric automobile. The salesman encouraged us to “punch it” on a lightly traveled well-paved road. The top speed was governed down to 85, but the acceleration was very nice, and the handling around a mild s-curve was impressive.

    The “luxury” of it was not up to what my wife was hoping for, though. It was rather “sparse”, akin to the Mazda 929 of the mid ’90s.

    I think Apple and Tesla can have a great relationship going forward.

  • matthewmaurice

    Let’s not forget that Tesla sells their cars directly, not through franchised dealers. I think that fits perfectly with Apple’s retail strategy. Plus with Apple’s cash and clout behind them, Tesla could more easily lobby the legislatures of those states where laws prohibiting, or extremely limiting (cf Texas), manufacturer-direct sales.