Olympic hockey rule that gave US win over Russia will now be changed

Last Saturday, a controversial referee’s call disallowed a goal that would have given the Russian men’s hockey team a 3-2 lead. The game ended up going to overtime and was won in shootouts by team USA. The ruling was that the net was off its moorings at the time of the goal. Interestingly, US goalie Jonathan Quick was the one who knocked the goal off its mooring, albeit unintentionally.

That rule will now be changed, giving the referee the opportunity to make a judgment call and award the goal if the ref feels that the goal would have been scored regardless of the displaced net.

Personally, I loved the game. I would rather win cleanly than benefit from an obscure rule. Here’s hoping the Russian team makes it far enough so we get a rematch. That will be a game to watch.

  • Canucker

    Only way there will be a rematch between USA and Russia is if Canada loses to the US in the semis* (assuming Canada wins today against Latvia – which has a Canadian coach). Ask Jim Dalrymple whether he is backing Canada or the US hockey team in the semi-finals 🙂

    *Also a very remote possibility that Russia and US both lose their semis and meet in the bronze medal play-off.

    • Dave Mark

      I sent Jim the question, will post when I get his response. That said, don’t both teams have to play a quarter-final match later today? Canada vs Latvia, US vs Czech Republic?

      • Dave Mark

        And the answer came back quickly. As expected, Jim is rooting for Canada.

  • dustinwilson

    I find it funny that the IOC will do something about that because of the uproar in Russia, but the slaughter of stray animals by the thousands and human rights violations at the games go unnoticed by them.

    I found the rule weird. I’m happy for the Russians, and if we get past the Canadians we can have another go.

  • “Here’s hoping the Russian team makes it far enough so we get a rematch.”


  • Since when is net off its moorings controversial? It’s cut and dry. If it’s an accident, play is stopped (and, if unnoticed, the goal doesn’t count). If it’s intentional, it’s a penalty (delay of game).

    Making this subjective is going to turn it into a nightmare.