Facebook to buy Whatsapp for $16 billion

Facebook Inc will buy fast-growing mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp for $16 billion in cash and stock, as the world’s largest social network looks for ways to boost its popularity, especially among a younger crowd.

These prices are out of control.

  • http://katz.co/ Zack Katz

    @Jim – The article may have been updated; it now says $19 billion!

    • James Hughes

      “the social network will grant an additional $3 billion worth of restricted stock units to WhatsApp’s founders, including Koum.

      That is on top of the $16 billion in cash and stock that Facebook will pay.”

  • Leon Green

    A new bubble or just the cost of buying the future?

  • CJ

    Facebook has proven that it has more money than it knows what to do with.

  • Billy Razzle

    This reeks of desperation. Zuck is terrified that he will be “out zucked”.

  • http://www.thediceguys.com Dean Lewis

    Well, time to find another messenger app…

    Whatsapp uses my phone number for my friends and family to contact me. Facebook constantly asks me to give them my phone number, and I refuse every time. Now, Facebook will get my phone number despite me not wanting it anywhere near Facebook.

    Therefore, Whatsapp will soon be deleted from my phone.

    • tylernol

      whatsapp has had so many security and privacy holes for so long that you should have deleted it long before this.

      • http://www.thediceguys.com Dean Lewis

        One more reason then. :)