Cinema chain accused of trying to squash negative movie about Samsung

Civic groups and the production crew of the Korean film based on the death of a Samsung Electronics employee claimed Wednesday that Lotte Cinema abused its position as one of the nation’s leading cinema chains to block moviegoers from seeing the film.

“Another Family” is about a real-life father’s quest for truth about the leukemia death of his young daughter who had worked at one of Samsung’s semiconductor plants for four years.

  • Pete

    Negative movie about Samsung?

    Negative movie about Apple. That semiconductor plant surely makes parts for iPhone.

    • Huh? What?

      • Ian Eiloart

        Apple doesn’t have a silicon fab. They buy silicon chips from Samsung, as well as other suppliers. Or did.

        Regardless, the publicity will hit Samsung worse.

        Anyway, from the description above, the film doesn’t seem interesting. You can’t identify a single cause of any single case of most diseases like Leukaemia, stroke or heart disease. At best, you can identify risk factors.