This guy is just a moron

Sweet Jesus, where does CNBC come up with these assholes. For a good analysis of what this moron said, go check out what John Moltz has to say.

  • It’s okay, because Samsung will come out with a slightly bigger phone with a much crappier fingerprint sensor – THEN someone will finally be innovating.

  • Joseph Blake

    Well, this is the TV network that has John Scully on once a week to give his analysis about Apple

  • DarrenSaunders

    So Apple need to innovate by introducing new features such as the ones they introduced in the 5S just six months ago?

    Ok then…

  • CJ

    Is it time for the “Apple must do this now” article again already? How time flies.

    • DarrenSaunders

      Every day is time for that article.