Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint sensor in the home button, just like the iPhone. Who didn’t see that coming?

  • A few other OEMs, like Apple and HTC, have already implemented fingerprint sensors into their devices but none of their mobile devices use the sensor to its full potential, or like how Samsung is using in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.


  • Good to see Samsung innovating.

  • FLormois

    “just like the iPhone”

    not JUST like the iPhone…

    The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor will be crap : “The sensor itself works in a swipe manner, which means that you would need to swipe the entire pad of your finger, from base to tip, across the home key to register your fingerprint properly. Also, you would need to keep your finger flat against the home key and swipe at a moderate speed or else it won’t recognise your fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor is sensitive to moisture, as well. So, don’t try to use it with wet fingers because it will, literally, give you an error and tell you to dry your fingers first.” Just like CRAP.

  • Techpm

    It says you’ll see the fingerprint on the screen as it scans so I guess it doesn’t have a secure enclave…

    Imagine if Android had a malware problem. Not only could malware get all your personal details but your fingerprint as well!

    Oh wait..

  • marcintosh

    Not “just like the iPhone.” The one on the iPhone works like magic. You can’t even tell by watching if the user has it configured or they’re not using any password or security. You just touch a button to unlock the phone either way.

    When people are using Samsung’s scanner, you’ll be able to tell they’re using it from the way they hold their device or contort their finger over the scanner. More moving parts (i.e. your finger).

  • Moeskido

    Samsung reminds me of street vendors on Canal Street in New York City who sell knockoff designer handbags and fake Rolex watches from folding tables. If only that side of Samsung’s business were as easily rounded up and shut down.

    • Except the imitation is so very poor. “I know a Pananasonic when I see one!”

  • ksp_me

    I guess I’m confused on this site about how phone makers copying one another’s designs is really bad (which it is), but apps letting you emulate games from a company using piracy is fine.

    • Herding_sheep

      When on this site have they promoted piracy? I don’t recall. Piracy through emulation or cracked applications is equally as bad, no one is arguing that. I guess that’s why you see that sort of thing rampant on Android and Samsung devices, the home of disregard for intellectual property.

      • ksp_me

        I just think it’s weird to support one or the other. Either everything is okay to copy and steal, or nothing is.

    • most of the emulation options on PCs the past couple decades havent been commercial enterprises. theyre using built by and for enthusiasts who want to play games that are simply no longer available. were the IP holders to offer a commercial product doing the same, im sure they would be successful and the enthusiast emulators would whither.

      • ksp_me

        That is one of the arguments people who enjoy emulators use. There are lots of arguments, like cost, convenience, and ease.

        It’s not valid in this case, however, since the game in question is available on two current platforms, one in the home (the Wii U, and the Wii) and one portable (the 3DS). I’m not sure which Zelda the author was referring, but they’re almost all there, and priced under $10 each, with the money going directly to the maker of the game.

  • T_Will

    Really looking forward to S-Touch©! 😉

  • alj_disc

    lol, even some Sammy fans seems to be calling out the innovating bit !

  • the same people who didn’t see Apple using Android’s notification system…?

  • Terry

    This is incredible… truly a first of its kind!! How come Apple hasn’t thought of this? I’m shocked. Get tim cook on the phone

  • Terry

    It just dawned on me. with the system showing you a real time image of your fingerprint, it makes it easier (and we know easer is good) for them to screen grab that data point. Oh samsung, you really set my heart a flutter.

  • David

    I wonder if it will be an s5 rather than an S5 this time around 😛