The real Sam Biddle: mom worried about tech editor who shares her name


For those of us in the startup, Silicon Valley-makes-the-world-go-round tech industry, the name Sam Biddle incites fear (in the timid), disgust (in the short-tempered) and a chuckle (for those with a good sense of humour).

But before the 27-year old Brooklyn-based tech stroke gossip blogger wrote his first word, there was another Sam Biddle, the “real Sam Biddle”, as she jokes, who has beaten cancer and raised two children while building a global empire for nail artisans.

Anyone else have this issue? I share a fairly common name and have gotten all kinds of misdirected tweets for an NFL football commentator, a pastor in Haiti and Larry King’s wife.

  • DanPierce

    Because my name is pretty common, I get insurance quotes and car estimates from all over the country. I also ended up on a mailing list for a high school swim team. And because one person gave everyone a copy of the list, I have to respond to each new person that I don’t live in Washington and no, I am not interested in buying a t shirt to support the team.

  • IvanThreeOhThree

    There must be a guy out there who shares my name and has a Very short penis ’cause I’m getting a lot of his email.

  • Paul Chernoff

    Fortunately my name is unique enough. And people don’t mistake me for Judge Paul Chernoff or the mathematician by the same name. But an idiot Phil Chernoff keeps giving out my gmail address as his own. And one time a student with my name at University of Waterloo gave my e-mail address to his dorm advisor. Said advisor told me, after I notified him, that he would be sure to mercilessly tease that Paul Chernoff for not knowing his own e-mail address.

  • EleanorJLH

    My Twitter handle is @Eleanor, and I have the misfortune of sharing a name with the girlfriend of one of the boys in One Direction. I get literally dozens of misdirected tweets every day. Oh, and there’s the woman with my name in the UK who keeps giving out my email address — I’ve been privy to her wedding planning, job crises, and even a probate dispute. I keep responding asking people to tell her she’s giving out the wrong email address, but no luck yet…

  • Moeskido

    A quick search tells me there are about 100 people on this continent with my name, but I have yet to learn of any problematic identity confusion, which I suppose I should be thankful for.

    I’ll chalk that up to the possibility that, like me, none of my 100 brothers are of very much interest to anyone.

  • Kris404

    There is an idiot who keeps giving out my earliest Gmail address as his own and keeps signing up to services which I get verification requests for.

  • My name isn’t all that common, but I do have the email address and there are 3 or 4 other people who share my name who keep giving out my email address! The most frustrating of which was a guy who was involved in grass roots Rugby in the USA. I kept getting emails asking if I could referee Rugby matches in Indiana!

  • When I lived in Davis (CA) there was apparently a PhD student at the University with my name. One day there was a message on my answering machine from his thesis advisor leaving about ten minutes of suggestions for changes to his thesis.