Here’s the skinny on NBCs Olympic latte secret

Wall Street Journal:

Starbucks isn’t an Olympic sponsor and is therefore forbidden to have an official presence here. But after Mr. Glinton, a journalist for NPR, trailed the mystery cup for several hundred feet, its owner told him that he was out of luck. It came from the”Office,” she said – the Olympic broadcasting center where NBC has its own secret Starbucks.

The best line of the piece had to be from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review sports columnist Dejan Kovacevic who carries around an empty Starbucks cup and pours other coffee into it. He said, “It’s a status symbol,” he explains. “It shows I’m not some kind of lowlife.”

If you believe that, you’re still some kind of lowlife.

  • tylernol

    Starbucks is terrible. The Aussie at the end of the piece has it right.

  • Moeskido

    Drinking Trader Joe’s coffee here at home. LIKE A LOWLIFE.

  • Nick

    Even better is the closing quote:

    Nuala Hafner, an Australian newsreader, sniffs that Starbucks coffee tastes like “a coffee milkshake they warmed up.”

  • haymoose

    I’ve been spoiled by Tonx coffee so long I cannot stand the smell of a Starbucks anymore. It all tastes burned. I love tonx, you can too!

  • I don’t understand why he compared Starbucks coffee to a milkshake though. A milkshake would have favor. Starbucks coffee has always tasted like warmed up charcoal to me.

    • macyourday

      I’m just relieved that Americans think Starbucks serves coffee. If they started demanding the real thing, no one would get any.

  • Ha ha! Whatta maroon!

    Getting coffee at Starbucks is like walking into Tim Horton’s and ordering the stalest, burnt donut available. Then taking that donut, dipping it in butter, rolling it in sugar, twice, then proclaiming it’s the best donut ever made.

    And people call Mac users sheep.