Analysis of Google vs Tim Cook’s Apple

A little slanted, perhaps, but still a very interesting read. Interesting take on the timing of Tim Cook’s hiring in 1998. No argument that Apple has been better in the Tim Cook era.

  • Jay Martin

    “A little slanted, perhaps”


    That’s an unfortunate but consistent trait of DED’s body of work. Often insightful if you can get around the unabashed cheerleading.

    • LOL No kidding. Expecting “unslanted” from a site named “AppleInsider” is a little silly. 🙂

    • Slurpy2k12

      And? With 95% of articles out there being slanted against Apple, there’s nothing wrong with having a slant towards them once in a while. DED’s articles are always extremely passionate, and entertaining to read. Also, he tends to use actual facts, and puts things in perspective. Is it slanted? Sure. But objective people should be able to parse that, and still benefit from the article. Everything is slanted nowadays. But at least DED backs up him assertions with tangible data.