Writer? Check out the Hemingway app

The Hemingway app is what Word could be if it had a more informative, tunable interface. You type in some text, and you get feedback on things like run-on sentences, word misuse, much more. The interface allows you to turn on and off checks for hard to read sentences, adverb overuse, passive voice misuse, and more.

This is the tip of the iceberg as to what might be done with an interface like this. Helpful to professional writers, but could be an incredible boon to writing students. I would love to see technology like this built into Safari.

UPDATE: Reader Jim “The Beard” Dalrymple pointed me to this post which runs Hemingway’s actual writing through the Hemingway app. Pretty funny.

  • bafusilier

    Maybe not quite as helpful as intended?


    (Sorry, double post).

  • Guest

    Maybe not as helpful as intended?


  • JohnDoey

    This is terrible technology. Not only is it exactly the kind of distraction that ruins good writing, its advice also ruins good writing.

    Thanks to the Internet, all of the writing cliches that this app pushes are worn out very broadly. What is more valuable is to create an honest manuscript that comes directly out of your internal voice and your own experience and can be read out loud. Like Ernest Hemingway did.

    • Wooloomooloo

      I don’t agree. There is little or no editing going on on so much of the web’s content. Blogs and opinion pieces written by kids who have never had feedback on their work, are not being edited and think they already know it all anyway is a large part of the problem. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll take feedback from an app. Reading some of the comments here though, it seems even that is too much to ask for.

      • the feedback from the app is crap, as has been debunked and published elsewhere.

        an app can’t make you a better writer. technology doesn’t necessarily improve education, despite our enthusiasm for it.

        • Wooloomooloo

          You mean by idiots that insist on using ‘utilize’ instead of ‘use’, or other Gen Y’ers who can’t get their fingers off the transmit button. The app may very well be crap, and no it won’t make anyone a better writer. The point I was making was about editing, not writing.

  • Stu Mark

    Ego-less writers will see this for what it is, a tool. It’s like having a second-reader available whenever you need it. I appreciate the possibilities involved in having this tool in my, er, toolbox.

    • if you alter you’re writing style and voice because of what this app tells you, I fear for your writing.

      • Stu Mark

        “your,” not “you’re”

  • Wooloomooloo

    That website renders pretty badly on an iPad. Is it optimized for IE 6 or something?

  • MichaelQ

    There is something similar in the WordPress JetPack plugin. First thing I turn off. Terrible.