20 reasons why women live longer than men

Bored Panda

There are many biological theories behind why women live longer than men, but we’re sure that behavior like that in these pictures isn’t helping.

There’s an amazing amount of The Stupid going on here.

  • yummyyummyfly

    Men risk their lives every day so that feminists can have running water, electricity, and a working sewage system. And I can hear the feminists mocking men for these pictures.

    • LMAO Feminists won’t “mock men for these pictures”. Anyone with an anyone with an ounce of common sense will.

    • Time is coming

      clean water has a dark side which is auto immune disease if the immune system is not challenged. thing like immune system attacking the body over gluten -a protein.

      Electricity also has a dark side which is that it disrupts sleep cycle which leads to nasty diseases like cancer, dementia, other immune related diseases.

      Humans used to use their waste to fertilize the fields. Not that Ammonia Nitrate is used which means you eat man made nitrogen in every thing you eat and natural Nitrogen cycle has been destroyed by man.

      So don’t worry Man has destroyed the very environment needed for have human evolution is temperate climate.

  • The first picture kinda led me to believe the others would be risky but reasonable.

    They weren’t. It went sharply downhill from there.