Why indie developers go insane: One dev’s take on the Flappy Bird craziness

This is a great, insightful take on the stresses faced by indie developers.

Dong Nguyen is a young guy. He wrote a game for fun, put it out there, and found himself at the target end of a massive wave of attention, much of it negative. I can’t stress enough how insanely terrifying this can be, and he wasn’t ready.

[Via iOS Dev Weekly]

  • JohnDoey

    The Flappy Bird developer should have sold out once the game became too big for him. Sell to a bigger developer who can manage it.

    • John Barnes

      While he probably could have made a lot more money on the game, your comment misses the point the author was trying to make. The developer made a game for fun and was a lot more successful than anticipated. Along with that success came all the criticism that the internet makes so easy to do while hiding behind a keyboard and he couldn’t handle it. Walking away must have been the right thing for him to do; especially with the kind of money he was making. It was already too big for him. Some things are more important than money.