Why engagement rings are a scam

It’s Valentine’s Day so, why not? Not safe for work because of language but completely safe for facts. The “diamond ring is a scam” story is a fascinating one.

  • Paul Chernoff

    All very true and not new news. Thankfully my wife never had a hankering for diamonds and felt that the engagement ring (she picked it out) should be quite thrifty.

  • Thank goodness my wife’s fancy tends toward more practical things.

  • Moeskido

    One set of rings is enough, especially when both partners can agree on the design. Fuck you, deBeers.

  • Hmmm falling for marketing… where I have seen this before? cough Apple cough

  • margus1000

    Oh, poor Jason. You did mean Samsung, right? Just desire took over and everything blurred and … But Samsung IS the king of marketing, based on raw numbers.