Mediation fails for Apple and Samsung

There is no reason Apple should move an inch. Samsung are thieves.

  • Bretton Morgan

    Samsung’s strategy is to delay, obstruct, deny, and disrupt the process as much as possible because they can’t prove their ideas were original, nor can they even pretend they were original to begin with. They are only delaying the inevitable because they are making $billions in the mean time. It’s an effective strategy really.

    The litigation process is partly to blame here because it moves at a glacial pace compared to the tech industry. By the time this is all resolved, Samsung will have made hundreds of $billions on Apple’s IP. In fact the money they make from stealing Apple’s intellectual property and rolling it into their electronics actually helps pay for their legal battle against Apple.

    I’m glad to see Apple has maintained it’s integrity against these lawless thieves, and glad that it doesn’t seem to be slowing them down very much either. There will be a day of reckoning for Samsung, and hopefully, it will set a long overdue precedent for similar future cases. However, Samsung’s penalty will never be so big that it bankrupts the company, even though it should.

    As a consumer, I’m glad I have all these options to choose from, but as a moralist, it angers me because it’s like a daylight bank robbery in slow motion. Those of us who believe that good ultimately triumphs over evil, will be proud that Apple’s conduct here is not only praiseworthy. It has also fired up Apple to rapidly out-innovate iOS’s humble beginnings, far beyond what Samsung could achieve on it’s own.

    Now there is a big bright light shining on Samsung. If they cross that line, even a little, they risk total capitulation.

    • rattyuk

      “There will be a day of reckoning for Samsung” It didn’t stop them destroying the TV business, it hasn’t appeared to have stopped them cloning Dyson’s vacuum cleaner. It is in their DNA, it is all they do. Most of their “innovations” are smoke and mirrors. Look at the Galaxy Gear, which shows you what they come up with without a company to rip off.