Google’s bullshit “open” rhetoric for Android

Don’t listen to Google’s bullshit about being open. Creepy as fuck, yes; Open, not so much.

  • dominating Apple, check

  • Tvaddic

    Android is “open”, the Google services like YouTube, Google Play etc. aren’t. You could use Android for whatever you want, like Amazon does, but if you want the Google services you have to abide by their rules.

    We have been over this numerous times.

    • how would you react if MS said they wouldnt put Office in the Appstore unless iOS used Bing by default?

      • Tvaddic

        What that isn’t the same thing, Google owns Android and YouTube and they are bundling the products together, not trying to destroy previous deals Samsung or anyone else who uses Android have. A more appropriate analogy would be MS releasing Windows Phone OS for free and then requiring everyone that wants to use it to have Office and Bing installed, and then allowing you to fork it for a free alternative instead.

        With your example Microsoft is trying to destroy the business of someone else.

    • Bingo. Amazon is a great example about it being open.

  • agentbillo

    Headlines like this are why I love The Loop.