About boxes and Easter eggs

Scott Knaster takes us on a tour of some of his favorite Easter eggs from the Mac’s early days. This list is hardly complete, but it is a fun bit of nostalgia.

Remember the notorious naked Zebra Lady hidden in a version of MacPaint? Oh, I do. Have any Easter egg favorites of your own?

  • Moeskido

    I wish I still had my SE.

  • Scott Falkner

    Teri Petit was one of the earlier programmers at Adobe for Illustrator. She hid some nice stuff in Illustrator. I think these worked up to version 10.

    Make a new symbol and name it “Teri’s daughter’s”. Then rename the symbol to something like “favorite colour” or “hair colour” and it will then be renamed again to the answer.

    There was another easter egg that would fill the Swatches panel with swatches and resize it so the swatches made a low resolution Mona Lisa.