I’m guessing the NSA and U.S. Army doesn’t read about Samsung, Android

Will Connors for the WSJ:

Samsung recently won an order for roughly 7,000 smartphones from the U.S. Army and is close to an order for several thousand devices from the U.S. National Security Agency, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Surely they’re aware of all the malware on Android, right?

  • Joseph Blake

    Surely you realize they don’t just hand out the devices without any modification, right?

  • MrKahuna

    Well yeah, you need a bunch of devices to test the malware you’re writing. Plus even more to give away for all the “free fones” contests they sponsor on imajihadist.com.

  • JDSoCal

    Jim, did you ever think maybe these are actually being used to distribute rootkits to bad guys? Like little pocket Typhoid Mary’s.

  • John

    Well duh. It’s too hard for the NSA and the Army to hack the iPhone before they put them in field.

  • tca

    First they may have limited access only to “Military App Store”. Second, malware for Windows is even bigger problem, but organizations manage somehow, right?

  • Justin

    The iphone is so limited with restricting root functions. Don’t you think the military would need to be able to augment and use devices efficiently? Samsung is the way to go for any phone user. I had the iphone 5s and switched back to the Galaxy!