Can you spot the snipers in these photos?


Artist Simon Menner was recently granted permission to spend some time with the German Army and its snipers. During the two occasions he visited, he captured the soldiers’ remarkable ability to blend into their environment, producing images that appear to be simple landscape shots until you look close enough to spot the barrel of a gun.

None of these guys would get me. Mostly because I don’t go into the woods.

  • pxlated

    But if they dressed as snowmen they could get you in your igloo.

    • pxlated

      Well, maybe not you but Jim 😉

      • Yeah – he’s the one living in a Winter Wonderland. I’m in Vancouver where it never snows. 🙂

        • pxlated

          Ahhh – The lucky one.

          • I prefer “The smart one”. 🙂

          • pxlated


  • JohnDoey

    They can get you much more easily in a city.

  • Moeskido

    Sorry, but I keep thinking of this:

  • dreyfus2

    As I have been with them myself, I need to warn you on this. When there is no photographer around, they will likely be in the same pub you are in.